Quilt Raffle at AMS Rochester 2017

Raffle tickets may also be purchased with your AMS Rochester registration. If you have already registered and wish to purchase tickets, you may do so from this page.

AMS Quilters

AMS quilters Mary Natvig, Honey Meconi, and Annegret Fauser selecting material for the CWG Name Quilt

The AMS Name Quilt, created by the AMS Feminist Quilting Quartet (Annegret Fauser, Lydia Hamessley, Honey Meconi, and Mary Natvig), will be displayed and raffled at the Rochester Annual Meeting. The 90" x 72" quilt consists of 134 blocks, each bearing the name of a donor or an individual the donor wished to honor. Names include those of composers from Hildegard of Bingen to Libby Larsen, authors and editors of classic texts in feminist music scholarship, every female AMS president, every chair of the Committee on Women and Gender/Committee on the Status of Women back to Jane Bernstein, and many other individuals.

Sponsorship of blocks on the quilt raised the money to endow the new annual AMS Lecture on Women and Gender, and all raffle proceeds will contribute to the endowment.

Tickets for this historical artifact are $10 each.

The raffle will take place after the lecture, about 11:45 a.m. Saturday 11 November.

Can't fit a quilt into your carry-on bag? The AMS will ship it to your home. Not a quilt lover? Consider donating it to the AMS Office if you are the winner.

Order quilt raffle tickets: $10
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