AMS Rochester 2017 Job Interviews

Information for Interviewers

AMS Rochester 2017 offers a convenient venue to conduct preliminary interviews with prospective candidates. The cost of each time period is $75. The interview room will have a table and five chairs. Refreshments may be ordered from the convention center (a link to the catering menu will be added in August). Catering contact information will be provided to those interested in this option.

The following information is requested:

Interview scheduling:

Interview duration: is at your discretion (15, 20, or 30 minutes)

Job Title and URL: to be included with the listing for all Open interview sessions.

Notes: let us know (email Katie VanDerMeer) if you would like a break to be included in the schedule, water service, or other special request.

You may complete your reservation securely online by using the buttons below. If you prefer paper, complete and mail or fax the Interview Room Reservation form. You may select more than one time slot and/or more than one room per time slot.

Three-hour time slots currently available are:

Click "Add to Cart" below to be taken to our secure server, where you may select one or more of time slots. If you choose an open interview session, please be prepared to specify the length of time you prefer for interviews (e.g. 15, 20, 30 minutes per interview slot), the title of the position, and a URL for full details of the position.


Please contact Katie VanDerMeer at the AMS office if you have any questions.

Those conducting job interviews separate from this service, please note: it is the policy of the AMS that job interviews be conducted in a suitable space (office or hotel suite). Interviews in hotel guest rooms or lobbies are not permitted.

Last update:  23 March 2018, 2:38 pm


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