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Job Interviewing Sessions

If you are a prospective interviewer, see Information for Interviewers to request space.

Information for Interviewees

Please note: This page was last updated at 11:00am (ET) on Tuesday, 17 October

This page lists institutions holding interviews at the Rochester meeting. Interviews are open for all registered attendees of the annual meeting. Interview times will be scheduled via email and updates or changes may be made at any time. This page will be updated frequently prior to the annual meeting.

To schedule an interview, send an email to Katie VanDerMeer with the following information:

You may include several interview requests in one email. Confirmations of interview requests will be forwarded by email. Please do make your requests and check at the Conference "Information" booth next to registration for a list of interview times.

Have questions about how to prepare? See the Chronicle of Higher Education, June 9, 2004: "Preparing for the Conventions," by Julia Miller Vick.

Positions listed:

Institution: University of Richmond
Job Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Job Description Website: Click here
Contact: Joanna Love
Room and Time: Cascade Room D [Convention Center]; Saturday, Nov. 11, 2:00-5:00pm
2:00 reserved 2:10 reserved 2:20 reserved 2:30 reserved 2:40 reserved 2:50 (break)
3:00 reserved 3:10 reserved 3:20 reserved 3:30 reserved 3:40 reserved 3:50 (break)
4:00 reserved 4:10 reserved 4:20 reserved 4:30 reserved 4:40 reserved 4:50 (break)
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