AMS Rochester 2017
Career Related Issues

Navigating the Tenure Process
Friday, 12:15–1:45pm

Jessie Fillerup (University of Richmond) and Sarah Fuchs Sampson (Syracuse University), Moderators

Gurminder Bhogal (Wellesley College), Amanda Eubanks Winkler, (Syracuse University), Jessie Ann Owens (University of California, Davis), and Andrew Granade (University of Missouri–Kansas City)

Pedagogical Approaches, Strategies, and Engagement in the Twenty-First Century General Education Music History Classroom
Friday, 5:15–6:30pm

Naomi Perley (RILM) and Reba Wissner (Montclair State University), Moderators

When Extra-Curricular Activities Are Anything But: “Work-Life Balance” in Performance-Centered Disciplines
Friday, 6:30–7:45pm

Shawn Keener (A-R Editions) and Susan Key (Chapman University and Pacific Symphony), Moderators

Nigel Maister (University of Rochester International Theatre Program), Thomas Riis (University of Colorado - Boulder), Cathy Ann Elias (DePaul University)

This panel will explore strategies for managing the not-so-extra-curricular demands often placed upon music faculty to attend departmental events on evenings and weekends. Our panel includes faculty working in parallel performance-centered disciplines or those in administration who will offer a broad, cross-disciplinary perspective. We will hear about departmental policies, personal experiences, informal strategies, cautionary tales, and the like: ideas about navigating this particular aspect of “work/life balance” from a variety of perspectives.

Career Bootcamp
Saturday 9am-noon

Sarah Fuchs Sampson (Syracuse University) and Reba Wissner (Montclair State University)
   9:00–9:20: Roundtable discussion on CV contents and formatting
   9:20–9:45: one-on-one meetings (on any topic)

Keith Clifton (Central Michigan University) and Sarah Fuchs Sampson
   9:45–10:05: Roundtable discussion on cover letters
   10:05–10:30: one-on-one meetings (on any topic)

Paul Christiansen (Seton Hall University) and Keith Clifton
   10:30–11:00: Roundtable discussion on interviewing skills
   11:00–11:15: one-on-one meetings (on any topic)
Paul Christiansen, Kate Galloway (Wesleyan University), Amanda Sewell (Interlochen Public Radio), and Reba Wissner
   11:15–11:45: Roundtable discussion on career trajectory (concepts in teaching, research, and service for strengthening graduate-student job applications)
   11:45–12:00: one-on-one meetings (on any topic)

Maintaining a Research Agenda at Teaching-Intensive Institutions
Saturday, 12:15–1:45pm

Keith Clifton (Central Michigan University), Moderator

Samuel Dorf (University of Dayton), Christine Gengaro (Los Angeles City College)

AMS Rochester 2017

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