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AMS Publication Subventions

Summer 2010

The AMS is happy to announce its latest round of publication subventions. Sixteen books have been granted over $39,000 in funds to support publication expenses.

This round is the first fully to utilize additional funds made available through the successful AMS OPUS Campaign, which came to a conlusion at the end of 2009. Those interested in applying for AMS publication subventions are encouraged to do so. See the program descriptions for full details. Next deadlines: 15 August 2010, 15 February 2011.

Summer 2010 Recipients:

Franya Berkman, Monument Eternal: The Music of Alice Coltrane. Wesleyan University Press. AMS 75 PAYS Endowment.

Todd Decker, Music Makes Me: Fred Astaire and Jazz. University of California Press. Claire and Barry S. Brook Endowment.

Sabina Feisst, Schoenberg's New World: The American Years. Oxford University Press. AMS 75 PAYS Endowment.

Peter Franklin, Seeing through Music: Gender and Modernism in Classic Hollywood Film Scores. Oxford University Press. Otto Kinkeldey Endowment.

Jeremy Grimshaw, Draw a Straight Line and Follow It: The Sonic Life of La Monte Young. Oxford University Press. AMS 75 PAYS Endowment.

Barbara Heyman, Samuel Barber: A Thematic Catalogue of the Complete Works. Oxford University Press. Claire and Barry S. Brook Endowment

Richard Jankowsky, Stambeli: Music, Trance, and Alterity in Tunisia. University of Chicago Press. AMS 75 PAYS Endowment.

Herbert Kellman, The Chigi Codex: A Monument of Late Burgundian Music and Art. University of Chicago Press. Martin Picker Endowment.

Judith Kuhn, Shostakovich in Dialogue: Form, Imagery and Ideas in Quartets 1-7. Ashgate. Dragan Plamenac Endowment.

Philip Lambert, To Broadway, To Life!: The Musical Theatre of Bock and Harnick. Oxford University Press. Lloyd Hibberd Endowment.

Tamara Levitz, Modernist Mysteries: Persephone. Oxford University Press. Joseph Kerman Endowment.

Laura Lohmann, Umm Kulthum: Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend, 1967-2007. Wesleyan University Press. AMS 75 PAYS Endowment.

Carol Muller, Shembe Hymns. University of KwaZulu-Natal Press. Manfred F. Bukofzer Endowment.

Steven Rings, Tonality and Transformation. Oxford University Press. AMS 75 PAYS Endowment.

David Schulenberg, The Music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. University of Rochester Press. Margarita Hanson Endowment.

Stefanie Tcharos, Opera's Orbit: Musical Drama and the Influence of Opera in Arcadian Rome. Cambridge University Press. Margarita Hanson Endowment.

For the list of previous AMS publication subventions, see the AMS "Books supported" web site.

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