Performance as a Master Narrative in Music History

Daniel Barolsky, Sara Gross Ceballos, Rebecca Plack, Steven M. Whiting


The Editors invited a collection of musicologists from various institutions to engage in an e-mail discussion with Daniel Barolsky over the summer of 2012 on the topic of how music historians engage students with issues of performance in their classes. As Barolsky states in his opening essay, “The music in our existing histories is restricted to past compositions, as mere museum artifacts. Yet the identities of the wonderful performers who brought these pieces to life (and many of whom we can still see and hear today!) are relegated to the liner notes, their presence and interpretive contribution repressed and ignored.” Included in this exchange are Sara Gross Ceballos (Lawrence University), Rebecca Plack (San Francisco Conservatory), and Steven M. Whiting (University of Michigan).

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ISSN 2155-109X