The “Textbook Issue”



The next issue of the Journal of Music History Pedagogy (vol. 1, no. 2, Spring 2011) will focus on one of the main fixtures of music history teaching—the survey textbook. The editors invited several textbook authors to contribute articles and are pleased to present the following contributions as well as a study of Donald J. Grout’s seminal, A History of Western Music in the next issue:

Mark Evan Bonds (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Selecting Dots, Connecting Dots: The Anthology as History”

J. Peter Burkholder (Indiana University), “Decoding the Discipline of Music History for Our Students”

John Walter Hill (University of Illinois, emeritus), “A Small Selection from among the Many Things that I Still do not Know about Baroque Music”

Kristy Swift (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), “Grout the Progressive: Grappling With Donald Jay Grout’s Essays on Music Historiography”


Reviews in the issue will include:

José Bowen (Southern Methodist University), a review essay on the peda­gogy literature in other disciplines

James Briscoe (Butler University), Report from the First International Sym­posium of Music History Pedagogy, University of São Paulo School of Communications and Arts (August 2–7, 2010)

Tony Bushard (University of Nebraska), Film Music: A Very Short Introduc­tion by, Kathryn Kalinak (Oxford University Press)

Jan Herlinger (Louisiana State University, emeritus), Music Education in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, edited by Russell E. Murray, Jr., Susan Forscher Weiss, and Cynthia J. Cyrus  (Indiana University Press)


Readers interested in contributing articles or reviews to the JMHP should consult the “Author Guidelines” at the “For Authors” link on the web­site. The editors invite comments and feedback on the Journal in the form of Letters to the Editor; we are committed to printing a selection of letters that we consider to be of interest to our readers in future issues.


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