Some Thoughts about Teaching Music History: A Conversation with Douglass Seaton

Timothy D. Watkins


Douglass Seaton has become an influential figure in music history pedagogy for numerous reasons. Now the Warren D. Allen Professor of Music at The Florida State University (FSU), Seaton has taught music history and musicology to approximately 5,500 undergraduate and graduate students at FSU, which has recognized the excellence of his pedagogy with two teaching awards. He has written and spoken extensively about music history pedagogy in articles, conference presentations, and panel discussions at scholarly meetings, and his music history textbook, Ideas and Styles in the Western Musical Tradition, now in its third edition, is used in numerous colleges and universities. This article consists of an introduction to Seaton’s own teaching, followed by the transcript of an interview with him on the subject.


Douglass Seaton; Pedagogy; Interview

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