Awards presented at the Milwaukee Annual Meeting

Honorary members elected: Jane A. Bernstein, Suzanne Cusick, William F. Prizer, Edward Roesner

Corresponding members elected: Mark Everist, John Griffiths, Ulrich Konrad

Kinkeldey Award (best book by scholar beyond early stages):

To: Scott Burnham
For: Mozart's Grace (Princeton University Press, 2013)

Lockwood Award (best book by scholar in early stages):

To: David Trippett
For: Wagner's Melodies: Aesthetics and Materialism in German Musical Identity (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

Slim Award (best article by scholar beyond early stages):

To: Anna Maria Busse Berger
For: "Spreading the Gospel of Singbewegung: An Enthnomusicologist Missionary in Tanganyika of the 1930s," Journal of the American Musicological Society, 66 (2013), 475-522

Einstein Award (best article by scholar in early stages):

To: Melina Esse
For: "Encountering the improvvisatrice in Italian Opera," Journal of the American Musicological Society, 66 (2013), 709-70

Palisca Award (best edition or translation):

To: Fabrizio Della Seta
For: Vincenzo Bellini: I Puritani (Ricordi, 2013)

Solie Award (outstanding collection of essays):

To: Beate Kutschke and Barley Norton, eds.,
For:Music and Protest in 1968 (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

Stevenson Award (outstanding scholarship in Iberian music, including music composed, performed, created, collected, belonging to, or descended from the musical cultures of Spain, Portugal, and all Latin American areas in which Spanish and Portuguese are spoken):

To: Alejandro L. Madrid and Robin D. Moore
For: Danzón: Circum-Caribbean Dialogues in Music and Dance (Oxford University Press, 2013)

Music in American Culture Award (outstanding scholarship in music of the United States):

To: Annegret Fauser
For: Sounds of War: Music in the United States during World War II (Oxford University Press, 2013)

Greenberg Award (outstanding performance projects):

To: Anthony Cummings
For: Collaboration with ensemble "La Morra" on compact disc recording, The Lion's Ear

Paul A. Pisk Prize (outstanding paper at annual meeting by graduate student):

To: Mathieu Langlois
For: "'Mere Bastard Sounds': Dandrieu and Musical Pictorialism"

AMS Teaching Award

To: James Grymes (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
For: "Integrating Composition and Improvisation into the Study of Twentieth-Century Music"

Thomas Hampson Award (Classic Song)

To: Riccardo La Spina
For: "The Songs of Antonio Barili"

Administered by the LGBTQ Study Group:

Philip Brett Award (oustanding work in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual studies):

To: Lisa Barg
For: "Queer Encounters in the Music of Billy Strayhorn," Journal of the American Musicological Society, 66 (2013), 771-824

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