Music Books for Children

Children are surrounded by music. They hear it on television, in shopping malls, from the car radio, on their iPods and in video games. Children hear music every day, but they aren't always listening to it. The joy of sharing music, of listening to it carefully and discovering new worlds through sound can be a wonderful experience, for children and adults alike. Music can serve as a window on history, a gateway to the imagination, a mirror of human emotions. Musicology is more than music history. And sharing the joy of listening is often a musicologist's greatest accomplishment. So we've put together a list of some of our favorite titles -- books that open up the world of musicology to a new generation.

This list is not exhaustive and it has been compiled according to the following criteria: all books on this list 1) have received strong reviews in the School Library Journal, 2) are currently in print, 3) are designed for readers grade 6 and younger, and 4) are non-fiction or historical fiction.

The Books are divided into three categories: 1) Books about Composers and/or Compositions, 2) Books about Performers, and 3) Books that Offer a General Introduction to Music and/or Musical Genres. Use the links in the top navigation bar to see the books and reviews.

I hope you enjoy this resource and find it helpful. If you would like suggest additional children's resources, please contact the AMS office.

--Anna Celenza (Georgetown University)
for the AMS Committee on Communications

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