2017 Rocky Mountain Music Scholars' Conference

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

David Gardner Hall

7-8 April 2017

AMS-RMC Sessions


Friday, 7 April 2017

Session I (11:50-1:20): Renaissance Compositional Practice

Chair: Bettie Jo Basinger, University of Utah

Constructed Tenor, Constructing the Composer, c. 1500

Jane Hatter, University of Utah

The Sound and the Fusae: Notation as a Means of Time Travel 

Darlene Castro, University of Utah

Compositional Process and Diatonic Ficta in

Three Experimental Motets from 1514-1519

John Brobeck, University of Arizona

Session II (1:30-3:00): Music, Nation, and Politics

Chair: Jane Hatter, University of Utah

Hearing America in the New Millennium: Nationalism in US Popular Music after 9/11

Adriana Martinez, Arizona State University

Fighting Hegemony: From Rock Radical Vasco (RRV) to Los Chikos del Maiz / Counterculture and Anti-Establishment Music in Spain

Cecilio Novillo, University of Arizona

Manuel M. Ponce and Mexican Nationalism: An Overview

of His Life and Selected Piano Works

Desireé González, University of Utah

Session III (3:10-4:40): Issues in Romanticism:

Exoticism, Folklore, and Gender Roles

Chair: Catherine Mayes, University of Utah

Ossianism and the Bardic Style in Music

Janice Dickensheets, University of Northern Colorado

Rending the Veil: An Examination of Veils in French Exotic Opera

Jessica Russell, University of Utah

“They Won't Stretch to Make Room for You”: The Clash Between Bourgeoisie Values and Bertalda in Lortzing’s Undine

Karen Mize, University of Denver

Keynote Speaker, Thompson Hall (5:00-6:00)

Bodies in Motion: Musical Affect and the Pleasure of Excess

Michael Klein, Temple University

Keynote Reception, McKay Music Library (6:00-7:00)

Library Exhibit: Archived and Accessible - Maurice Abravanel's Mahler Symphony Scores


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Session IV (8:45-9:45): British Aesthetics and Tradition

Chair: Christopher Scheer, Utah State University

Success or Nadir? St. Paul’s Cathedral during the middle Georgian Period

Shaun Stubblefield, Northern Arizona University

Clara Wieck Schumann and the British Reception of Robert Schumann’s Music

Julie Hedges Brown, Northern Arizona University

Session V (9:55-11:55): Voices in the American Twentieth Century

Chair: Elizabeth T. Craft, University of Utah

Johana and Roy Harris and Toccata for Piano: Setting the Record Straight

Pam Jones, University of Utah

A Meta-Text of Unity and Reconciliation in Persichetti’s A Lincoln Address 

Michael Chikinda, University of Utah

Musical Elements: Shining a Light on Midtown

Blake E. Cesarz, University of Arizona

"There is Much to Do Which is Thoroughly Worthwhile Doing in

That Little Empire of Mountains and Valleys": The 1948-49

Residency of Roy Harris at the Utah State Agricultural College

Rika Asai, Utah State University

Luncheon, Thompson Hall (12:15-1:15)

Roundtable Discussion, Dumke (1:30-2:30)

Topic: ""Contemporary academia often asks us to collaborate with colleagues in other disciplines in order to purse interdisciplinary research; however, neither clear guidelines nor accessible resources exist for these endeavors.  What strategies have you used, or do you feel would prove helpful in the creation of a more interdisciplinary research platform?"

Julie Hedges Brown, Northern Arizona University

Elizabeth T. Craft, University of Utah

Dawn Corso, University of Arizona

Michael Klein, Temple University

Christopher Scheer, Utah State University

Janet Sturman, University of Arizona

Session VI (2:40-4:10): Issues in Performance and Interpretation

Chair: Janice Dickensheets, University of Northern Colorado

Performing Satie in the Tranquil Shadow of the Gymnopédies

Lindsey Macchiarella, University of Texas at El Paso

Alternative Facts in Musical Historiography and Hermeneutics

Eileen Mah, Colorado Mesa University

“The Twisted Name on Garbo’s Eyes”: Person,

Persona, and Music in Bowie’s Film Roles

Katherine Reed, Utah Valley University

Business Meeting (4:20-5:20)

Graduate Student Pizza Reception

room 318 (5:30-6:30)