Robert M. Stevenson Award Winners

This award was first presented in 2004. The prize is awarded annually to a book, monograph, edition, or journal article by a member of the AMS. See the complete award guidelines for further information.

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2016 Alejandro L. Madrid
In Search of Julián Carrillo and Sonido 13 (Oxford University Press, 2015; ISBN 978-0190215781)
2015 Carol A. Hess
Representing the Good Neighbor: Music, Difference, and the Pan American Dream (Oxford University Press, 2014; ISBN 0199919992)
2014 Alejandro L. Madrid and Robin D. Moore
Danzón: Circum-Caribbean Dialogues in Music and Dance (Oxford University Press, 2013; ISBN 978-0199965823)
2013 Samuel Llano
Whose Spain? Negotiating "Spanish Music" in Paris, 1908-1929 (Oxford University Press, 2012; ISBN 978-0199858460)
2012 Susan Boynton
Silent Music: Medieval Song and the Construction of History in Eighteenth-Century Spain (Oxford University Press, 2011; ISBN 978-0199754594)
2011 Susan Thomas
Cuban Zarzuela: Performing Race and Gender on Havana's Lyric Stage (University of Illinois Press, 2009; ISBN 978-0252033315)
2010 Geoffrey Baker
Imposing Harmony: Music and Society in Colonial Cuzco (Duke University Press, 2008)
2009 Lorenzo Candelaria
The Rosary Cantoral: Ritual and Social Design in a Chantbook from Early Renaissance Toledo (Boydell & Brewer / University of Rochester Press, 2008)
2008 Tess Knighton and Alvaro Torrente
Devotional Music in the Iberian World, 1450–1800: The Villancico and Related Genres (Ashgate, 2007).
2007 Kenneth Kreitner
The Church Music of Fifteenth-Century Spain (Boydell & Brewer, 2004).
2006 Walter Aaron Clark
Enrique Granados: Poet of the Piano (Oxford University Press, 2004).
2005 Cristina Magaldi
Music in Imperial Rio de Janeiro : European Culture in a Tropical Milieu (Scarecrow Press, 2004).
2004 Carol A. Hess
Manuel de Falla and Modernism in Spain, 1898-1936 (University of Chicago Press, 2002).

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