The Paul A. Pisk Prize

The Paul A. Prize is awarded annually to a graduate music student for a scholarly paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society. Any paper by a graduate student whose abstract has been submitted to the Program Committee, and the paper accepted for inclusion in the Annual Meeting, is eligible for the Pisk Prize. (Anyone who is a graduate student at the time of submission is eligible, even if the degree is completed by the time the paper is presented.) Application procedures are as follows:

The application deadline is final, and no extensions may be granted. Plan accordingly, and submit your materials well in advance. Early applications are welcome and encouraged. The AMS office can assist with file conversion to PDF or MP3. If technical questions regarding electronic submission arise, please communicate with the AMS office well in advance of the deadline. Technical difficulties cannot be addressed if they are not brought to the attention of the AMS office in a timely way (at least 72 hours prior to the deadline).

The Pisk Prize Committee evaluates the submissions as papers to be read at the Annual Meeting rather than as articles to be published. (Notes, bibliography, and any other scholarly apparatus, though not forbidden, will not be a prime consideration of the evaluation. For this reason, principal intellectual debts should be acknowledged in the body of the paper.) The winner is announced, and the prize awarded, at the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation of the Society by the chair of the committee.


Previous Pisk Award winners

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