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Author Title Publisher/Journal Nomination
Milka, Anatoly ; Editor: Esti Sheinberg; Translator: Marina Ritzarev Rethinking J.S. Bach's The Art of Fugue Ashgate/Routledge Palisca
Betz, Marianne; editor George Whitefield Chadwick: The Padrone A-R Editions Palisca
Calvia, Antonio Nicolò del Preposto: Opera Completa. Edizione critica commentata dei testi intonati e delle musiche SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo Palisca
Cashner, Andrew Aaron Villancicos about Music from Seventeenth-Century Spain and New Spain Web Library of Seventeenth-Century Music no. 32 Palisca
Della Libera, Luca Alessandro Melani. Music for the Pauline Chapel of Santa Maria Maggiore A-R Editions Palisca
Dubin, Louise Auguste Franchomme, Selected Works for Cello and Piano. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, 2017. Palisca
Giger, Andreas Giuseppe Verdi: I due Foscari: Tragedia lirica in Three Acts by Francesco Maria Piave University of Chicago Press Palisca
Gustafson, Bruce; Denis Herlin J. C. de Chambonnières, collected works Broude Palisca
Leonard, Kendra Preston The Art Songs of Louise Talma Routledge Palisca
Miller, Harvey H. Recueil de morceaux d'orgue (1863): À l’usage spécial des élèves de l’Institution Impériale des Jeunes Aveugles de Paris A-R Editions Palisca
Ochs, Michael; editor Joseph Rumshinsky: Di goldene kale A-R Editions Palisca
Quinn, Iain Coronation Ode; Civic Fanfare; God Save the King. Volume 7 Elgar Complete Edition Palisca
Saint-Cricq, Gaël; Eglal Doss-Quinby, Samuel N. Rosenberg Motets from the Chansonnier de Noailles A-R Editions Palisca
Toscani, Claudio; editor Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Il prigionier superbo, critical edition by Claudio Toscani (National Edition of the Works of G.B. Pergolesi, I/2) Casa Ricordi Palisca

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