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The American Musicological Society is committed to advancing scholarship in the various fields of music through research, learning, and teaching. We also provide communication, outreach, and advocacy for all who are interested in music scholarship. Our 3,400 members come from the U.S. and forty nations around the world. Show your support for our goals, activities, services, and aspirations by joining now!

Membership is according to calendar year.

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Annual membership includes

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Membership Levels and Rates

Membership Level USA & Canada International
Regular $120 $140
Emeritus $60 $80
Emeritus members must have been regular members for at least ten years and are either over the age of 70 or retired.
Low Income $60 $80
Low Income membership is a subsidized category intended for those without full time employment and with an annual income under $30,000.
Student $45 $65
Student members must provide proof of eligibility. A copy of your current Student ID must be sent to the AMS offce. Members are eligible for the Student Rate for one seven-year period.
Joint $50 $70
Any person may apply for Joint membership with his or her spouse or domestic partner who is a current regular, student, emeritus or life member. Joint members share one copy of the Journal; otherwise, they have the same rights and privileges as regular members. The AMS ID number of the primary member will be necessary to proceed.
Sustaining $240 $260
Sustaining members demonstrate a commitment to support the musicological community in a financial way by paying the equivalent of the full cost of two memberships.
Life see below see below
Life members are regular members in all respects except for the payment of annual dues. Instead, life members shall pay one fixed sum. Life membership is prorated as follows: Those who have held continuous membership for 0 to 9 years: $4,000; for 10 to 19 years: $3,000; for 20 to 29 years: $2,000; for 30 or more years: $1,000. Please contact the AMS office if interested in life membership.
75 years and older $0 $0
Members aged 75 years and older have the option of paying zero annual dues.

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